Agro-Pastoral Training in Cameroon: An Insight into Alternation Training

Agro-Pastoral Training in Cameroon: An Insight into Alternation Training

Alternation training proves to be the most efficient so far.

The efficiency of the training method is attested by the professional insertion of more than 3000 youths in less than 10 years.

In Cameroon, a considerable percentage of youths from the classical educational system (primary schools through secondary schools to universities) are jobless due to inadequate preparation for socio-professional integration in the labour market. Yet, there is a rising demand for professionals in the agro-pastoral sector in Cameroon. Considering the key role played by this sector in Cameroon’s economy, the ageing of its labour force is a real concern.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and the Ministry of Livestock and Animal Industries through the PCP-AFOP Programme thought it wise to address this challenge by the introduction of Alternation training in 96 agro pastoral training centres so as to rejuvenate the agricultural work force thereby improving the productivity of labour and the competiveness of agricultural farms. This approach provides the learner with knowledge and practical skills as opposed to theoretical skills acquired in the classical educational system, and prepares the learner for a better entry into the job market and their socio professional settlement (self-employment).

The efficiency of this training system is measured in the number of youths successfully settled with respect to sustainable returns on investment in terms of creation of wealth and jobs nationwide. This was attested by the celebrations of 3000th settled youth that took place in Foumban and Guidigis early last year.

Understanding the Alternation Training Method Used in AFOP

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